02 December, 2015   |  العربيه
Spatial Data Management Services

We have the expertise and skills sets to offer our customers a wide variety of geospatial data-related services to help support their decision-making processes and achieve their business objectives.

For the last decade, our SDM team of professionals has gathered, compiled and updated various geospatial data sets for the whole UAE with the objective of creating a comprehensive national topographic database.  Today, this database includes several thematic data sets that represent the basic and crucial layers in the country’s infrastructure, as well as man-made and natural features and landmarks.


  • Geospatial data sets:
    • Boundaries
    • Designated areas
    • Buildings
    • Geodetic points
    • Transportation
    • Hydrographic features
    • Utilities
    • Elevation
    • Vegetation
  • Spatial database schema
  • Data dictionary and product catalogue


  • Spatial database modeling
  • Spatial database management
  • Spatial data analysis
  • GIS application development and customization
  • Interoperability models
  • Geo-processing models


  • FME feature manipulation engine
  • ACR GIS Server, Desktop and SDE
  • Oracle RDBMS
  • Mapping APIs


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