Bayanat Customer Satisfaction Survey

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The following survey was designed to assess customer satisfaction and to provide feedback regarding the project management.  This survey encompasses questions regarding project management and Business Relationship:  Strategy & Planning, Communication, Cost, Schedule, Quality, Project Performance, Business relation, Management of Key Personnel, Technical and Data Management.


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A. Business Strategy and Planning

1. Bayanat conducts joint planning meetings/activities in a systematic way: both scheduled and ad-hoc

2. The strategic planning is performed jointly between your entity and Bayanat at multiple levels and includes top management.

3. The Projects’ performance measures & KPIs are jointly developed and shared.

B. Business Communication

1. Day-to-day communication is systematized following an agreed method (manual or electronic)

2. The communication at all levels is planned as a part of the relationship.

3. The communication from Bayanat always includes sharing of both praise and criticism

C. Project Cost

1. Have the project financials been managed as budgeted during the project implementation?

2. Have the “On Demand” requests been reflected in the project plan with an affordable cost?

3. Have the realized benefits been equal to the investment (project cost)?

D. Project Schedule

1. Has your project delivered on schedule?

2. Has the schedule timeframe provided for the delivery of critical milestones and deliverables met the business need/requirement?

3. Project manager used effective tools building the delivery plan schedule like WBS:

E. Project Quality

1. Have the final deliverables in the project met the original requirements and scope?

2. Have the projects consistently meet specifications and quality standards?

3. Have the project deliverables met your quality expectations? (Quality is being denoted as Integrity, Accuracy, Precision/Resolution, and Consistency& Completeness)

F. Project Performance

1. Were the planning and control (risk, issues, and constraints) in the project effectively managed and documented?

2. Were the project team members skillful, professional and experienced within their respective domains?

3. Were issues that occurred throughout the project managed effectively?

G. Project Business relation

1. I had adequate accessibility to project tools and information.

2. Have the teams regularly reviewed & reported on the progress of the project

3. Have you received adequate organization wide, management sponsorship and support from Bayanat

H. Project Management of Key Personnel

1. Were the project team meetings effective and productive to all project stakeholders?

2. Was the project adequately resourced?

3. Bayanat professional staff is available to address my problems and concerns.

I. Technical

1. Have the project technically managed with the required capabilities and knowledge.

2. Have the Project team members used the latest technology in the production following technical standards and methodology in each domain?

3. Have managed the technical issues including design, development, and maintenance; system deployment and installation (if any):

J. Data Management

1. Have an effective data quality standards and policies.

2. Were the data provided reliable

3. Were the data structured in a standardized format?


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